Bed and Breakfast at Levuka Homestay

Location: Overlooking Levuka Town and Bay

As this was just a short trip to Ovalau, we were only booked in for one night... the next night was meant to be at one of the Levuka hotels. However, after breakfast the next morning we asked if they could accommodate us for the 2nd night as well. We just didn't want to leave.

This is one of the more difficult reviews we have had to write on, simply because it's almost impossible to turn the atmosphere of a place like this into words. Sure, we can talk about the high quality of the rooms, the little extra touches like a torch on the bedside table or the flowers in the bathroom, the way everything is spotlessly clean and fresh, or even Maralyn's famous breakfast. But those things just don't describe the way that Levuka Homestay (and indeed Levuka itself) is going to make you feel.

If you have ever been to a place that feels like coming home even though it's the first time you've laid eyes on it, then you will know what I'm talking about.

The gardens are filled with all manner of native flowers and shrubs

What to do around Levuka

As John says, taking a nap is a legitimate activity in Levuka, and I confess to having one or two of those myself during our stay. But for those wanting to get out and about, you will find a booklet in your room that outlines all the various activities on the island. Perhaps consider taking a walk with Nox around the township and surrounds... he loves to share the history of Levuka, and his pride in the town is obvious.

During our walk (which took about 1hr... we opted for the short version), we got to hear the stories and history of the township. The most interesting story came via our host, John, and was about how the old Masonic Lodge burned down (it involves tunnels under the lodge, riots in the town, and witchcraft. Do ask John to tell you the story).

If you are feeling particularly energetic, take a walk to the top of the 199 steps. See our Levuka page for more information.

Our guide for the town walkabout... Nox (gardener at Levuka Homestay)

The one thing missing in Ovalau, is a nice beach. As it's basically just the top of an extinct volcano, most of the shoreline is rocky. But there are a few lovely islands close by that have beaches every bit as good as the ones in the Yasawas, so just ask John or Marilyn how to organize a boat to get to them.

A great place to relax with a good book or board games if the weather turns bad.


There are 4 rooms, each with their own ensuite, outside veranda, A/C and queen sized bed. Prices include the full breakfast. As there are only four rooms and they get a lot of repeat customers, you do need to book ahead.

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