Sabeto and Tifajek Mud Pools & hot springs, Nadi  

This is my best side? At Tifajek mud pools.

There are 2 different places you can go to the mud pools in Fiji, both are right next door to each other and owned by a brother and sister. Only 30mins from Nadi on the same road as the Garden of the Sleeping Giant. The first mud pool is called Sabeto and the other is Tifajek. Both have changing rooms with showers. To take full advantage of the therapeutic value of the mud pools you first coat yourself in mud then bake in the sun until it drys. Wash off in the first hot spring pool then walk over to the next clear water pool for another cleansing. Both places offer cheap and very good massage. Wonderful experience.

Sleeping giant looking down to Nadi

You have three ways to get to the mud pools. Take a local bus, a local taxi or go as part of a tour. If you decide to take a bus, you need to go to Nadi town and catch a bus to Lautoka ($2), they run every five minutes and ask the bus driver to stop at the turn off for the mud pools, then you can walk the 3 km to the mud pools, easy - well not so easy in the hot sun! If good fortune is on your side, a carrier might pull up beside and toot the horn and give you a fright, then he will say "I will take you to the mud pools for $2". I prefer to walk down to the main bus depot and wait for the next bus, which could be an hour, but it will stop right out the front of the mud pools ($2). The taxi, well it can cost you anything from $15 or $25 depending how rich you look. For another $10 he just might wait for you. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for suggestions on tours that go to the mud pools. 

The first coat of mud goes on
Time to bake in the sun till dry

Here is the trick part when going to the mud pools; there are two to pick from. The interesting part of the story is that both mud pools are owned by the same family, side by side. The sister runs the first pool (called Sabeto) you come to on the right hand side of the dirt road and the brother runs the second (called Tifajek) or last mud pool on your right. So which mud pool do you pay your $20 too? The Brother or the Sister, I picked the Sister. Why did I pick the Sister you my ask, well she has worked in the resorts in Nadi and knows how to look after you. The grounds are well looked after, clean and tidy plus the main pool is a concrete pool, it is clean, and easier to get in and out of. The concrete pool tops off my day of mud oozing through the toes.    

The main supply of hot water which comes naturally straight out of the ground
My concrete pool
More drying
The brothers Pool
And the reception

pricing & hours

Both mud pools are open at 9am and close at 5pm 7 days a week. You'll pay $20 FJD per adult. Towels can be rented at $5 FJD. Massage is optional. Handicrafts are on offer as well.

Tours that include the mud pools & hot springs

You can do your own private tour by hiring a car and driver who will take you to the mud pools or join a tour that includes the mud pools. Click here for a list of tours that include the mud pools.

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