Suva Museum, Thurston Gardens

Tucked away in Thurston gardens (aka:Suva Botanic Gardens), is the small Fiji museum. Entry fee is a modest fj$8 for adults, I didn't see the price for children.

Perhaps not something all kids will enjoy too much (no dinosaur skeletons!) but if the history of Fiji holds any interest for you, then this makes for a worthwhile visit.

Also in This Area

Perhaps combine a visit to the museum, with a look at Albert Park, which is just across the road. This is the site that the famous aviator, Kingston Smith, landed his plane (the Southern Cross) during his epic trans Pacific flight.

Also in close proximity is the Suva bowling club. This is meant to be members only, but I found by asking the doorman nicely, I was permitted inside. They do some very nice (and cheap) lunches, and have a well stocked bar.

double hulled canoe exhibi
The first thing you see when you enter the museum, is a huge double hulled sailing canoe. It's hard to get a sense of scale from an image, but it around 30' in length
sailing craftFiji museum exhibit
Another of the sailing craft on display. It is hard to believe these were taken out onto the open ocean, far from the sight of land.
Fiji museum exhibit
Another of the exhibits at the museum.
wall hanging Fiji museum exhibit
Fiji has a rich Indian culture, and this shows with some of the tapestries and wall hangings on display.

There is a lot of history contained within these walls. And the highlight for most people, is the large scale replica of the sailing canoes used to bring the first natives to Fiji, from other Pacific islands. It really is impressive...the single steering oar must weight several hundred kilos (500lbs)!

When you arrive, you will probably see some of the local women at the front, with their handicrafts for sale. They have some nice stuff, and at a reasonable price. But you may want to wait until you have seen the gift/souvenir shop inside the museum before you make any purchases.

This is not a large museum by any standards. It will take perhaps 1 hr to see everything, and that is at a slow amble. There is no cafe onsite, although you can purchase cold drinks (not to be drunk inside).

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