Suva Municipal Market

Don't pass up a chance to vist the Suva Municipal market if you happen to be in Suva. The best days to go, are Thursday to Saturday. That is when the village farmers bring their fresh produce into town to sell, so visiting on one of these days will give you the widest range. But even during the rest of the week, it's still worth a visit.

The first thing to strike you, as you walk into the market, is the sheer size. There must be literally hundreds of stalls, each piled high with produce. And there is a second story as well....that is where you will find the kava.

We bought paw paws for 50c each, bananas for $2 a kg, bok choy for $1 a bunch, as well as eggplant and various seasonal fruits.

If you go late in the day, the range of food isn't as varied...but you might pick up some bargains. The prices range from ridiculously cheap (egg plants for example at 50c each), to outlandishly expensive (things like grapes, $15kg).

But generally, you will find the bulk of the produce is much lower priced than you will find back in NZ, Australia, or the US.

View of the Suva Municipal market The Municipal Market, viewed from outside.

A look inside the municipal market

Look at some of the produce and prices in the market. Just click on the thumbnail image to the left, and then use your keyboard arrows to move throught the images. A collection of ten images.

How to get there

The market is in the central city. If you know the street names, then go west along Gordon street and follow your nose to the end. But just ask anyone, they will soon point you in the right direction. It's pretty hard to miss. And if you are taking a bus, then the bus terminal is very close, so you can't miss it.

The local fish market

If you are looking for fresh fish instead, ask one of the locals where the fish market is (less than a 2 minute walk from the municipal market). Saturday (early) is the best time go shopping for a huge range of familiar and not so familiar species. Prices are reasonable - I saw whole wahoos for around $15. But there is a massive selection of fish here. if you want to try something that you might not get at home, I recommend the black snapper -delicious!

For a more detailed look at the prices you will pay for common goods in Fiji, then check out the page on food prices in Fiji.

Stroll around the Municipal Market

Suva is full of markets. The biggest of which is the fresh produce market near the wharf. Even if you don't want to buy anything, do visit one of these, just to soak up the atmosphere. The sights, sounds and smells - it all makes for a memorable experience.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are generally the best days to visit these. And late in the afternoon is a great time to pick up some incredibly cheap produce. Many of the vendors will sell their goods at a discount so they can pack up and go home.

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