Fiji Information: Resources for travellers to Fiji

If you are planning a Fiji vacation, then these resources will be helpful. Each of these websites is one that we consider to be outstanding. Links to these websites will open in a new window.

Fijime This is the official Fiji tourism website, packed full of helpful advice and information. This should be your first stop when planning a holiday in Fiji (after our site, of course!).

This site covers every aspect of travel to Fiji, from luxury resorts, to backpacking. Definitely one to add to your bookmarks.

Fiji tourism A nice site that makes it easy to look at various resorts around Fiji. Caters a little more towards the mid-high end resorts, rather than the budget options.

Fiji visa Fiji Visa Information It is most likely that you don't need to apply for a visa to enter Fiji. However, there are a few countries that do require one, and you can check those on this website.

A visa is issued on arrival for a period of four months. This can be extended by a further two months if required, and you meet the criteria (proof of sufficient funds for instance).

car hire Fiji Car Hire This website is great for arranging car hire during your stay in Fiji. They get the best deals for you, and don't add on any extra charges (how they manage to do that, I don't know). Highly recommended if you want cheap, hassle free car hire.

Fiji diving information website Fiji Diving If you enjoy diving, then this website gives you plenty of information. Included is a list of some of the main Fijian dive operators, along with personal reviews.

Other holiday destinations

It's a big world out there, just waiting to be explored. If you are considering a destination outside of the Pacific region, here are a few ideas for you (more to come).

Wine Guide

Southwest Wine Guide A website for wine lovers. Places to find wines, where to tour, to taste, to stay, where to eat and places of interest along the way in the beautiful American Southwest.

T-Bag Travel Blog Directory A pretty cool blog with a light hearted take on travel. Also a great place to find other travel related resources, blogs, websites etc.

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