Suva City, Fiji

If there is one place that is worth putting on your "must see" list while in Fiji, it's Suva.

I know a lot of people will disagree with that. After all, it doesn't have any beaches to speak of, it rains frequently, the roads are in a state of disrepair, and it's probably not the cleanest city in the world. And I would consider it to be unsafe for tourists after dark. If all you want from your vacation is white sand, swimming and snorkeling, and getting a tan in a beach chair while sipping a cocktail, then you're right. Suva isn't the place for you.

See/Do/Stay Suva Area

Located in the south east corner of Viti Levu, Suva is Fiji's largest city, at somewhere around 90,000 people. But that figure is only the main city of Suva...if you add in the the satellite towns/cities and outlying areas, the number is closer to 330,000. That's over 1/3 the entire population of Fiji.

Suva City Tours

Suva city tours
Take a personalized tour of Suva and the surrounding areas. Tailored to your particular tastes and time restraints, your guide is a local "Kaivati". Let us show you the real Suva, not the one you see in brochures and travel magazines.

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One of the bustling main streets, central Suva.

First impressions of Suva

When you arrive in Suva, your first impressions are likely to be...

  • Not particularly clean
  • Busy... no such thing as a "quite corner" in Suva!
  • A mix of old colonial and modern buildings
  • It rains a lot (but that's refreshing on a hot humid day)

It can be hard to reconcile Suva with your mental images of white sand beaches, palm trees, and crysal clear lagoons full of exotic sealife. Suva never has been (and never will be) that sort of tourist destination.

But that doesn't mean Suva has nothing to offer. It does.

  • Explore the markets (Suva has the largest in the Pacific)
  • Visit the museum and learn a bit about Fijian heritage and culture
  • Shop till you drop ... Suva has some great malls
  • Eat out, at a fraction of the price you would pay in Aust or the US
  • Check out Colo-i-Suva forest park (flora and fauna here is spectacular)
  • Take a wilderness/adventure tour

How to get to Suva with public transport

Taking a local bus is the cheapest way to travel from Nadi to Suva, though it won't be quick

While some international flights do land at Suva airport (Nausori international, 20-30 minutes by taxi to Suva), the majority of flights into Fiji arrive at Nadi.

Fly: Nadi is around 4-5 hrs drive from Suva. You can catch a flight from the domestic terminal: cost of flights are around FJ$200, so not a particularly cheap option. But that is a quick way to get here, with flights taking only 30 min.

Taxi: This will cost you somewhere around the same price as a plane ticket. but do be prepared to haggle, and fix a firm price first. This is my favorite way to travel from Nadi to Suva. If you get a friendly and helpful driver (and chances are that you will), than you can turn the trip into a sightseeing tour.

Coach: You have a choice of the express coaches (less stops, air cond, and more expensive) or the local bus service. These depart regularly from Nadi airport. See this bus timetable. prices start from about FJ$15 on the local buses.

Share a taxi: This is a good option for the really budget conscious. If a taxi driver is returning to Suva, he will often pick up people and charge the same as a bus fare, to save an empty trip. The usual spots to find these drivers is at the markets or close to bus depots. If you are happy to share a taxi with others, then this can be a great way to get from Nadi to Suva.

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