Quick and Simple Sweet Potato Recipes

Sweet potato (known as Kumala in Fiji, and Kumera in New Zealand), one of the most versatile of all the root vegetables. If you can cook with regular potatoes, then you can cook with these. Nothing at all complicated or difficult with using them. So do try some of these simple recipes, I'm sure you will become a fan in no time.

If you are not used to using sweet potatoes in you cooking, then you will notice a few differences. For a start, the skin is a little thicker and tougher than regular potatoes. The flesh is also drier. The different colors might be a little disconcerting as well. There are so many different varieties to try. My favorite is the purple skinned ones. They have a creamy white flesh, with veins and blotches of purple running through them.

The orange varieties tend to be a little sweeter, but I find they don't bake quite as well as the purple ones. But that is just personal experience.

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