The Pearl Resort 18 Hole Golf Course

I'm a keen golfer (which unfortunately doesn't mean a good one), and while I haven't played here myself, I have talked to people that have. The general consensus is that because it rains so much here, the course tends to suffer. Long grass on the fairways, very boggy in the rough, and not an easy course to score well on.

I've also heard it's a little run down compared to it's glory days. Cart hire is a must (it's a long energy sapping course, and weather can be very humid). A round with cart hire will supposedly cost you somwhere in the vicinity of fj$100, although I can't verify the exact price.

This is probably not to the standard of the world class Denarau course, but then again, you can't compare apples to oranges. This is a championship course, whereas the Denarau one is a resort style (traditionally resort will be easier).

Even if the green fees are a bit steep for your budget, you can go to the driving range to hit a few balls, before having a cold beer and perhaps something to eat in the club house.

Those that stay at the Pearl Resort get discounted green fees. But as room prices at that resort start at over fj$330 a night, it's probably a false economy to stay there just to get a cheaper round of golf ;-)

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