Go Dirty "Ride n' Wild" 4x4 Quad Bike Trip to Zip Line & Waterfall

Sleeping Giant Mountain
On the back roads

Today we were looking forward to going out on a go dirty quad bike tour .By the time we drove around to the office, filled out the indemnity forms, fitted on all safety gear and listened to the 5 minute safety brief we didn't get away until 10 o'clock. The 500cc quad bikes were all clean, gassed up and ready to go. We were given a rundown on how to operate the bike, and then it was on the bikes and riding down the back road of Nadi to the zip line at the Sleeping Giant. 

The ride took around 45 minutes and that was with two stops to take in the scenery.  As for the roads, they were 80% Fijian dirt roads which are very rough. The bikes handled them with ease... they were very easy to handle and very comfortable to ride on.

The zip line is set up on the side of the Sleeping Giant mountain so there are plenty of trees for shade, as well as a cool creek to swim in.

The office/equipment/ lunch room was quite stunning. I could just sit there all day enjoying the scenery and watch people shoot by on their second to last zip line for the day.

A perfect spot to get some shade and perhaps take a dip

There were another bunch of forms to fill in just in case you did get hurt, then it was get kitted up and off to number one of six zip lines for the day.  Because of all the trees and damp undergrowth there wasn’t a shortage of my lovable friends ‘‘The Mozzie’’ who are always there to give you an unforgettable welcome to Fiji.

On The Ziplines

Nice and gentle to start off with
oh, perhaps not as gentle as it looked from the ground
This is the 5th zip line

The boys had a couple of cans of mozzie spray for you to use, but bring one with you and keep it in your pocket at all times.

Because of our late departure we did one round of the zip line then had a very tasty salad roll for lunch. A twenty minute walk to the water fall through the bush was so interesting, our guide pointed out all the Fijian natural herbal medicines, there are just too many to remember. I liked the Mile a minute, if you have a cut use it as an antiseptic. No need to worry about the walking track to the water fall; it is better than the footpaths in down town Nadi.

The Waterfall

Track into the waterfall
Have you ever seen a vine this big?
While the swim was refreshing, the waterfall is perhaps less than spectacular

As waterfalls go it would not make the top ten in my book... it’s the closest to Nadi and just a short walk from the car.  My favourite waterfall is the day hike to Bukuya Highlands "Secret" Waterfall;  that trip also has lunch cooked in bamboo over an open fire(real Fijian food.)

We must have spent around thirty minutes at the water fall before heading back to the zip line for a cold drink of water. 

The ride home was again around the back roads of Nadi. This time I was lost as to where we were, all I could see were sugar cane farms and dusty roads with pot holes you could disappear into. I kept my distance from the bike in front of me so we would not get a face full of dust. Taking it slowly we enjoyed our ride back to the "Go Dirty" office arriving a few minutes after five. There wasn’t a place offered to us to get changed after a very dusty ride, we were just left there to sort ourselves out. Seemingly all they were interested in was getting their safety gear back,then disappearing like a puff of smoke.

Spotted an immature pineapple

Pros And Cons

  • Quad Bikes: The bikes were only two months old  
  • Roads: Five minutes of riding on sealed roads, the other forty minutes was on rough dusty dirt roads 
  • Zip line: The staff were very helpful and friendly. The zip lines were fast and exciting. The Zip line was set up in a perfect location, but we got hammered by millions of  mosquitoes   
  • Lunch: The bread roll was good and there was plenty of cold water out of the fridge to drink
  • Water fall walk:  Very average, but lots to see and learn along the way 
  • Drivers Licence:  You must have a current drivers licence to drive the bike
  • Downside:  For the money you pay, you should have a bike of your own, not share a bike. If you do share it should be half price. So ask for your own bike. No proper changing rooms to get out of dusty or wet clothes 
  • Value for money:  Average 
  • Would we go again?: Maybe, If the ride was through better scenery and longer

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