Zip Fiji: An Adrenaline Packed Adventure

We spent an exhilarating 5 hrs at Zip Fiji... zip lining, exploring limestone caves, and abseiling. A fun filled adventure, and we highly recommend it.

Steps, steps, and more steps! Stunning view over the forest, out to the coast
Hope you have a good head for heights

At 8am we were picked up on a cloudy morning to head off to see the second biggest zip line in the Nadi area. With 16 Zip Lines, the longest being 240m to the shortest at 25m in length,  it's enough to get the heart pumping and the hands shaking. If that is a stroll in the park for you, then try abseiling 30m down into a dimly lit cave.  The drive south to Dan’s Zip line took us 50 minutes with 10 minutes of driving on a dusty bumpy road.

Arriving at Zip Fiji HQ

We've arrived!

As we pulled up to the office I was pleasantly surprised to see a new modern, open and bright building. For some reason I had been expecting it to be a little run down. When the van stopped, there was a mad rush for the toilets, so I had to go in and check them out. This will be interesting... clean toilets can either make or break your day. They were just as good if not better than the toilets in a port Denarau restaurant. I gave them 10 out of 10.

The next point of interest was the tack room. This is even more important - how well do they look after their gear because my precious life and yours depends on their diligence. I should have known it would be as good as the rest of the operation... perfect. All the harnesses and helmets were in their right place, neat, tidy and well looked after.

Heading Up to the Zip Lines

Great workout for the calf muscles
Almost there!

If you are a couch potato, then my advice is to stay behind in the resort. There are six zips before you reach the highest zip, to get to the top it included a lot of uphill walking and a lot of steps.

Don’t be put off by the uphill walk, this is one of the highlights of the zip line, the views are outstanding.  I could look out and see "Cloud Break" (one of Fiji's best known surf breaks), amazing views of the coastline and beautiful green rain forest. 

Ready to go zip lining!

I was always the last one on the zip line - I was so wrapped up  in the limestone cliffs and the amazing rock formations I forgot this was not the normal Fijian zip line which mainly goes through trees and more trees.

The Local Limestone Caves

The front of the cave system here

At the start of the fifth zip line we were standing in front of a massive cave. Instead of hooking up to the zip line we were handed a torch and headed off into this exciting cave. There was ample day light pouring in from a hole in the roof so you could see to the very back of the cave, but the torch did come in handy as you descended the rocky steps.

I hope the pictures below give some feeling for the size and grandeur of the caves.

Cave entrance
Towards the back of the cave
Looking back at the entrance

And Now For Some Abseiling

We did one more zip after leaving the cave, and then I was told we are leaving the main group now and will make our way to the start of the abseiling section. Now the fun begins. 

There are three abseils in all, the second one down into the cave was the high point.  You abseil down on a single rope but there is a guide down the bottom acting as your second line of safety, if you lose control he just pulls on the rope and stops you in a matter of seconds. He can also control your descent if you wish, so there is no way you can fall. 

Descending into the main cave
The last descent

Some of the Local Flora

You have to remember to look around the little gullies as you are walking along the footpaths... you can see coffee,grapefruit, wild ginger, bread fruit and mango trees, as well as a number of wild native plants the Fijians use for traditional medicine. Just ask your guides if there is something you want to know, or see a plant you don't recognize.

I spotted a coffee bush (Robusta beans)

The Homeward Stretch

The ten last zips are just what the doctor ordered.  All downhill walking from now on - the views are amazing as you make your way down the last zip, plus the  lines  are longer and go faster.What  great way to finish at Dan's zip line!

 Back at the office a very tasty lunch was waiting for us. We had a  homemade chicken curry and rice... the curry had a slight sweet flavour to it and not too hot and over spiced as an Indian curry. This was followed by (you guessed it) banana cake. Wherever you go there will always be the famous Fijian banana cake.

Summing Up Our  three hours at Zip Fiji 

I would go back at the drop of a hat. I enjoyed the abseiling and wished there were more walls to descend. The walkways are all concreted making for very easy walking and no fear of tripping over. The platforms are strong and well maintained.  I also like the way the steel cable for the zip line have been designed so they do not cut into the trees.

Pros and Cons...

Car Transfer:  A/c and comfortable
Zip line: The best zip line in Fiji
Abseil: Safe and exciting. Wish there were more than three 
Lunch: Basic, could be better.  
Downside:  A lot of uphill walking 
Value for money: More expensive than the other zip line in Nadi 
Would we go again:  You bet we would

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