Robbed at Capricorn Hotel, Suva

by Elena
(New Zealand)

In April 2014, my father and I were staying at the Capricorn Apartment Hotel. All in all it was OK although the hotel is in quite bad shape.
I checked out on 14th Apr and my father stayed on (he is still there now as unfortunately he does not have another accommodation option, otherwise he would have left straight way).

On the morning of 14th April, my father and I woke up to find out that we were bitten by bed bugs. It is an unacceptable occurrence for a hotel, this kind of health and sanitary things should be in check at all times. We showed the hotel staff our numerous bites all over the body, however, no apology, they transferred dad into a different room.

On the morning of 16 April, my father woke up and could not locate his cell phone which had been lying on a coffee table not far from the bed. He called the hotel staff and it's only then it was discovered that a thief got into dad's room through a window which the thief could open from the outside!

Then, another guest reported a theft of a wallet on the same night. No apology from the hotel, no compensation, no NOTHING. Police arrived at the scene and declared that robberies happen often at this hotel.

When I called from New Zealand to talk to Mr Patel, the manager and owner of the hotel, and ask him to at least replace my father's phone, his answer was: "It is not my responsibility". I tried to reason with him and see if they can offer an alternative, for example, offer free night’s stay. Mr Patel kept saying it was not his responsibility and then he hung up.

As a guest, my father is paying more than fj$100 a night to stay safe, what else is he paying for??

Having worked in the travel industry for many years, this answer is absolutely unacceptable. Why should hotel guests feel uneasy staying at the hotel. What is the hotel responsible for?

I know that no traveler should have to tolerate such an attitude. It is very disappointing.

Clearly, the hotel does NOT care about its guests and no one is safe there. Even knowing robberies happen there all the time, the hotels management choose to do absolutely nothing about it.

Future travelers should be warned about this.

***Full name and email address supplied***

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Apr 17, 2014
Thanks for the submission
by: Admin

Hi there Elena, and thank you for your submission to

We do take things like this very seriously... if we mention an establishment on our site, we like to think that not only will people get value for money, their safety is also a priority.

I'm disappointed that the management didn't appear to take the matter seriously, and I will be contacting them on your behalf to see if I can get an explanation from them.

Depending on what information I receive, there could be several courses of action available. The last resort is to either place a large warning on their webpage, or to remove their feature from the website.

I would like to say I'm sorry to hear of this experience, and I'm hopeful that I can talk to the manager about their attitude regarding this matter.

Best regards, AJ, owner of

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