Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant

It doesn't matter what city you visit, there is always a restaurant called the Golden Palace, or so it seems. The Suva one was recommended to us by friends. They said "Make sure you try the sizzing eggplant, it's delicious". So we did... and it was!

The place is very typical of Chinese restaurants the world over... mood lighting, quiet background music, and private tables. So much choice with the menu, it took longer for us to decide what we were going to eat, than it dids for them to cook it.

We settled on the sizzling eggplant, with a plate of seafood fried rice and another of sweet and sour. This was one of the nicest meals I've had for a long time. There would have been enough to feed 3-4 people, and along with a couple of beers, the bill came to fj$53. More than reasonable.

Overall, we were very happy, and will definitely be returning.

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