Fiji Island Weddings

When it comes to island weddings, Fiji stands as one of the more desirable venues. Balmy tropical climate, palm fringed beaches, exotic location, Fiji has it all. And you can tailor your wedding to suit your budget. Luxurious and extravagant in one of the top boutique resorts, or a quiet family affair on an island beach. In fact with a little planning, you can keep the costs down to no more than you would pay for a wedding at home.


Visitors from overseas are required to obtain a marriage license from the registry office (cost: fj$14 and valid for 28 days). There are offices in both Lautoka and Suva. Most wedding planners or resorts will organize the license for you, as part of the package.

Office of the Registrar-General
Ground Floor, Suvavou House
Victoria Parade
P.O. Box 2226
Government Buildings
Suva, Fiji
Tel: 679-331-5280
Fax: 679-330-3676

Divisional Registrar
2nd Floor, Rogorogoivuda Building
P.O. Box 440
Lautoka, Fiji
Tel: 679-666-5132
Fax: 679-666-6744

To obtain the licence, you must provide the following documents at least two days before the wedding...

  • Current passport
  • Original birth certificates
  • Divorce papers (if applicable)
  • Death certificate if your previous spouse is deceased
  • Two witnesses

A Resort Wedding?

Many of the resorts in Fiji have a wedding package available. These can vary in quality from the cheap and nasty (don't worry, we won't recommend any of those ones!) to all out extravagance. Some of the resorts that offer wedding packages are listed here.

Or Perhaps Use A Wedding Planner?

The most stress free way to have your Fiji island wedding, is to put all the arrangements into the hands of a good wedding planner. Preferably a local one that knows all the rules and regulations involved, and has the contacts and suppliers to ensure your special day goes smoothly.

If you do a Google search for "Fiji Wedding Planner" then you will almost certainly find Based in Nadi, the company is run by Kim Beddos.

They can organize a complete wedding package (documentation, flowers, food and beverages, entertainment, transfers to and from the venue, with accommodation, etc. etc) at one of their hand picked resort locations, from as little as fj$9000. Definitely worth the money, to ensure you get the perfect wedding.


List of helpful websites.

Selection of resorts offering wedding packages.

Fiji Travel Guide...

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