Dannys Homestay, Namatakula Village

Important Note: We are no longer recommending this homestay, due to the difficulty that people have had with getting a response to their booking inquiries. Therefore, the contact form has been removed.

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Message left on 04 Sep 2016, 07:08 AM

This is a complaint about Danny's homestay: The lady described has lately separated from her husband that owns the place. That means the room she provides now is far from the beach, at her sister's house - a room in the middle of the house with shared toilet and shower with all the family. For that she charges 160 f$ (per 2)!!!! She thought she can just tell us about the "change" when we are already there so we accept it as if we were her captives. We got off the bus from Nadi and only then she told us the story (Saki raped their daughter). Even if we were touched by it, that wasn't what we expected. We're used to homestays but want to choose the ones that we like. Here, we especially felt she deliberately disinform us on the 3-4 phone calls we had with her. She even said on phone that we'll have toilet and shower in the room but that's also wasn't true. If she told us on phone we didn't come at all, or maybe we could have decided after knowing the conditions that we agree. But she didn't even thought that she has to tell us in advance. Anyway these conditions couldn't be for 160f$. By the way, she said that she used the same method with other guests and it worked. Well, maybe. But I advise you check for yourself if that the place you want to stay at. Needless to say, after a half an hour we left the sister's house back to the road. Sadly, she even didn't went with us. We waited for almost an hour (it was sunday) for a bus to go to Pacific Harbour where we started looking for an hotel. We're not young and not used to travel with suitcases like backpackers. So for us it was very unusual to go to a place without booking before. Luckily the TripAdvisor's reviews and people here helped us, and we found a nice budget resort (Club Oceanus) on the river, nice room and view, for 152f$ only (inc. Breakfast).