Best Apartment Choices in Nadi, Fiji

We're on a mission to find you the best apartments available to stay in while visiting Nadi.

Lounge in 1 bedroom apartment at Berjaya Apartments

If you're looking for just a cheap overnight stay before going out to the islands, then this is a great option. Why not stay for a whole week, it's a darn site cheaper than staying in a resort.  Even if you're in Nadi on business then this is the perfect choice.  Ok, so most don't have a pool or onsite restaurants, but with the money you'll save you can go to the local restaurants and spend up large.  Or save even more by cooking yourself in a fully kitted out kitchen.  For the fussy among us or more food sensitive peeps, this is a fantastic option.   There's always a supermarket handy. 

Once you've made your savings over a big resort (and supported a smaller local business - nice) you can go hard out on some serious day trips and tours without worry - go for it!    Unpaid plug for here

Apartments are usually much bigger than a typical resort room, plus you pay by the room and not per person. With larger rooms they're generally more flexible about adding more people, more kids usually. Ideal for bigger families who want everyone in the same place not pay for two rooms.

Just read the fine print, often they don't include pick up from the airport, but others can even include a car. Hard to believe but true.  Some also say Sky TV, but that can mean the ordinary 2 channel Pacific Sky TV - don't bother with this, it's no good at all.  Watch out for "free internet" sometimes it's only free for 1 hour! Some don't have a reception or office which can be inconvenient at times, but that's why it's cheaper.

So far we have personally visited a number of apartments but will only review 3 here as the others just don't cut it.  One totally top end with pool and 2 mins walk from restaurants and shops, the other total luxury at a fraction of the price of a Denarau resort with the last good value and handy location.  Sorry I've only got as far as writing up the first 2, if you want more info on the 3rd choice you'll need to get in touch here or if you have any other questions.  More than happy to help.

There are more apartments being built by the day around here, Nadi is in somewhat of a housing boom right now.  So expect to see more choices in the future.

List of the best apartments in Nadi (so far), prices valid to March 2016

The Terraces Apartments in Denarau Marina.  Comes with beautiful pool, decks, outdoor dining only a few minutes' walk from shops and restaurants.  The 3 bed apartment is great for getting 2 families in the one place for affordable value.  You'll find a great low season 5 night special on website

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