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Fiji Accommodation

Viti Levu - Budget Accommodation

Accommodation costs on Viti Levu can vary from cheap backpackers (fj$20 a night for a bunk) to exclusive luxury resorts that are upwards of fj$1000 a night.

You will find that the majority of the well promoted resorts are in the mid price range of fj$200-$400 a night. These are generally the ones that your local travel agent will be familiar with, and any specials or packages will tend to be for a few of the more well known ones. Places like Hideaway, Outrigger, The Fijian, Mango Bay, Momo, and so on.

But don't think you are restricted to those resorts. Just because your travel agent isn't aware of others, or doesn't promote them doesn't mean to say there aren't some great alternatives. There are some locally owned and operated accommodation options (as opposed to offshore owned resorts) that offer friendly service, no crowds, and dirt cheap prices. So do browse some of these other choices before settling on whatever resort your travel agent offers you.

Find accommodation in: Rakiraki/Nananu-i-ra Island     Suva/Nava/Pacific Harbour     Sigatoka & Coral Coast    Nadi/Momi    Denarau Island

Best and Worst Accommodation in Fiji

Tell us about your experiences with accommodation in Fiji. Is there somewhere you highly recommend, or perhaps you have stayed at a hotel and feel you didn't get value for money? Let us and our readers know about it!

Worst Hotels and Resorts
Best Places To Stay

Rakiraki/Nananu-i-Ra Island

Macdonalds Cottages
Charlies Place
Golden Point Resort
Golden Point Resort

Suva/Navua/Pacific Harbour Area

Colonial Lodge, Suva
Club Coral Coast
Capricorn Apartments Hotel, Suva
Uprising Beach Resort
navua upriver lodge

Sigatoka/Coral Coast Area

Outrigger On The Lagoon
Rydges Hideaway Resort
Rydges Hideaway Resort
Robinson Crusoe Island
Ezo's backpackers
Ezo's backpackers

Nadi/Momi Area

Nadi Hotel Directory
Rendezvous Fiji
Nadi Downtown Hotel
Smugglers Cove
Aquarius on the Beach
Tropic of Capricorn
Raffles Gateway
Capricorn Hotel

Denarau Island

Denarau Island Hotels

Tourist Information

Where to Stay/What To Do

Fijian Culture

Explore Fiji

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