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There are over 200+ different places to stay in Fiji from backpacker to luxury, from mainland to islands, how to figure it all out? We get so many emails from people who are so confused, they want the best budget holiday in Fiji but just don't know where to start.

As lovers of all things Fiji (and locals), we've travelled it extensively, we've either stayed at or done a site inspection in tons of different places. Our recommendations are based purely on our own personal experiences and what we think will suit different types of holiday packages. You'll notice our packages are way different than anything you'll see anywhere else, that's because we add in transfers, the best value day trips or find special places the mainstream doesn't use. We're not motivated by commissions or anything like that, we just want you to pick the best possible holiday in Fiji. If you really want to go somewhere or do something different that's not listed, just send us an email and we'll give you our opinion or thoughts or price quote, send to: 

Budget Holiday Packages around Fiji

Fijian Culture

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Local Fijian Experience Package Holidays

Below are our best picks for experiencing a truly "Fijian" holiday where you'll be immersed in the culture, people and food. Resorts are owned and run by local Fijian's. Usually basic facilities and the cheapest. If you can't decide then island hop between them, we get excellent prices on the ferry with a Bula Pass. Prices are based on 2 sharing. We can offer good discounts in your quote.

Navotua Homestay $717 pp FJD - 5 nights

Remote far North, Yasawa Islands, on the beach, close to Sawa-i-Lau Caves. Includes all meals, boat transfers & beachfront bure.

Gold Coast Inn
$1047 pp FJD - 5 nights

Near Blue Lagoon, Yasawa's, very small, quiet, beautiful beach & close to Sawa-i-Lau Caves. Includes all meals, boat transfers & beachfront bure.

Naqalia Lodge
$979 pp FJD - 5 nights

Yasawa's, very small, quiet, on the beach, excellent sunset walk to the summit. Includes all meals, boat transfers & beachfront bure.

Novatua Homestay
Gold Coast Inn
Naqalia Lodge

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