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Most people come to Fiji for a resort type vacation, sun, sand, relaxation, and a bit of pampering. But there is a different breed of tourist, the one that wants to experience the culture of a destination. To do that, you need to leave the confines of a resort and stay with the local people. Live where they live, eat what they eat, and get involved in their daily activities
If that sounds like you, then why not consider doing a homestay while you're in Fiji? Homestays aren't a big thing in Fiji... but we hope to change that. Taking a guided tour to a village gives you some small insight into how the local people live, but until you become a part of their family (if only for a few days) you can never really get an understanding of what daily life is really like.

What to expect from a village homestay

Fijians have the reputation as the friendliest people on earth, and that really isn't an exaggeration. No matter how little they have, they are happy to share... that is a part of their culture and traditions. As a guest in their village, you will be welcomed and become a part of their extended family for the duration of your stay. You might have some questions regarding a homestay, so we will answer some of the more common ones here.

Is a village homestay suitable for children?

Absolutely. In fact, it's likely that not only will your children come away with a greater understanding of different peoples and culture, they will have had the time of their life doing it! Fijian children are naturally friendly, inquisitive and perhaps a little mischievous, and your children will be welcomed as new playmates.

What should I bring with me

What should I bring with me? It is tradition that a visitor to a village brings what is known as a "sevusevu"... a small gift of kava for the village chief. Once the formalities of welcoming you are over, then you are a part of their village for the rest of your stay. Kava can be purchased by the kilo at any marketplace. Price will be around fj$30. If you want to help the local children, then some small items for the school will always be welcome(though not expected or required). Things such as pencils, exercise or reading books, footballs, balloons etc. 

What is the standard of accommodation

Very basic, but clean and comfortable. Don't expect a typical Fijian village home to be as well appointed as what you're used to, or you are going to be disappointed. Thses people get by with very little, and their homes are of basic construction. Some villages are better off than others, so depending on where you choose to stay, you may or may not have hot and cold running water, electricity, phone etc.

How much will it cost?

A homestay is priced at $100 a night for an  adult, extra adults $75 (kids 14 and under $50 and 3yrs and under are free). This includes not just accommodation, but 3 meals a day.

How do I get to my Homestay

Transport options to and from the homestay will vary, depending on your choice of village. Some of these are on the main roads so will have easy access by bus, taxi or shuttle. Others might require more of an effort. But no matter which village you choose, we will be able to recommend the best way to get there, even if it means a village representative coming to meet you at a pre arranged location.

How do I book a Homestay

It is a shame that a local Fijian Man will go to such  extreme lengths to target European tourists in Fiji. What is so disheartening is he will also steel from his own village people who work extremely hard to feed their kids and the grand parents, so sad. 

Stay Well Away From 
Mountain Gateway Fiji

 As we get more homestays coming on board, they will be added to this page. Browse the selection to find one that suits your needs.Once you have made a decision, then use the contact form below to either request a booking, or request more details. We will be happy to answer any question you might have.

Typical Fijian Village A typical Fijian village

Village children A group of village children on the beach, Coral Coast

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