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Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

The Mamanuca island group is situated just offshore from the main island of Viti Levu. This is what people visualize when they are planning a trip to Fiji... it's what travel agents use for those idyllic picture postcard views on their glossy brochures. They all have a few things in common. The most obvious of these are great beaches! White sandy beaches, generally surrounding the entire island. While Viti Levu has beaches that you would class as "adequate" at best (with a few exceptions) almost all Mamanuca islands have fantastic beaches.

Most Popular Islands in the Mamanucas

While there are over twenty islands in this group, a few of them stand out as being the most popular. These are (in alphabetical order), Beachcomber, Bounty, Castaway, Malolo, Mana, Plantation (Malolo Lailai), and Treasure islands. These ones are the more mid range to budget priced. There are some beautiful islands with top end resorts on them such as Tokariki or Vomo.

Travellers Tips For The Mamanucas

As you are on an island, you will find that most things are more expensive than they are on the mainland. Try and find some time between arriving in Nadi and departing to the islands to stock up on some of the things you will need. For example, never buy sunscreen on an island resort! You could get charged fj$40 for a tube, compared to under fj$10 at one of the Nadi supermarkets. 

First Aid Kit: I highly recommend bringing a basic kit with you. Apart from the usual items, pack panadol, and something for gastro upsets (you never know when a bug or virus is going to do the rounds). Stick some mossie coils and insect repellent in as well. 

Water and Hand Sanitiser: Bottled water is generally safer to drink on the islands. The resorts will charge a premuim for this, so consider bringing a few bottles with you.

Your Choice of Bure: All of the Mamanuca and Yaswa islands suffer from one thing... frequent and very strong trade winds. This can make snorkelling and swimming difficult at times. If you have a choice of bures, then ask for one on the north side of the island. This is almost always more sheltered from those pesky winds.

Accommodation in the Mamanuca Islands in no particular order

South Sea Island

Really tiny island, fantastic swimming & snorkelling. 
● Dorm - fj$430 for 2 nights including meals & transfers
● Power 24/7, decel water, hot water, internet
● More on accommodation at South Sea Island

Bounty Island Beach Resort

Low key, very relaxing, good value for couples on a budget, snorkelling ok, good beach, good food
● Dorm - fj$45 pp ● Island Bure - fj$145 ● Beachfront Bure - fj$175
● Meal plan is compulsory at fj$85 pp 
● Cheapest transfer one way by Ratu Kini, 30mins - fj$75
● Power 24/7, decel water, hot water, internet
● More on accommodation at Bounty Island Beach Resort

Beachcomber Island Resort

Treasure Island Beach Resort

Mana Island Resort & Spa

Castaway Island Resort, Fiji

Accommodation in the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji

Mana Island
Malolo Island
Tropica Resort
Funky Fish
Musket Cove
Lomani Resort
Likuliku Resort
Tokoriki Resort
Matamanoa Island
Tadrai Resort
Vomo Island
Ratu Kini

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