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Helping You Plan An Affordable Fiji Vacation

Nadi Hotels and Resorts Our first Accommodation Directory is now live! Over 30 properties listed (so far) in the Nadi area. Phone numbers, email adresses, and website links.

Mention the word "Fiji" and most people immediately imagine palm fringed beaches, crystal clear lagoons, blue skies and balmy tropical weather. While that is one side of Fiji, it's not the only one.

From exclusive resorts frequented by celebrities, to small homestays in the more remote villages, Fiji can be whatever you want. And at a price that's right for you. We can show you how to plan an affordable Fiji vacation, saving money on transport, accommodation, meals, and tours.

There is so much on offer - if you only know where to look. Experience the quintessential tropical island vacation in the Mamanuca or Yasawa islands. Or get out to some of the remote villages and stay with the locals. Whatever you choose, Fiji won't disappoint.

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Tell us about your experiences with accommodation in Fiji. Is there somewhere you highly recommend, or perhaps you have stayed at a hotel and feel you didn't get value for money? Let us and our readers know about it!

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So come on in - the water's warm!

Come and explore Fiji with me. Meet some of the locals, and immerse yourself in "Fiji Time". Feel the warmth of a Fijian smile, see some of the villages, small resorts and homestays that your travel agent won't tell you about. Experience what it's like to leave the stress of daily life behind for a while, and just relax and live in the moment. If there is one drawback to a Fiji vacation, it's that it can be so hard to leave. But she will still be here, ready to welcome you back on your return.

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Tourist Information

Where to Stay/What To Do

Fijian Culture

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