Land transport in Fiji, how to get around

Unless you are staying in a resort that offers free airport transfers, then you are going to need some form of transportation, all prices are in Fijian $.

Buses - the express bus

express bus

One thing you can say about Fiji, they have plenty of buses! They don't always run on time, although I have found them to be reasonably good in that respect. And the! There are two types of buses running, the express, and local. The express buses have windows, air conditioning and if you are lucky run a movie in English. The express buses only run from town to town,  they stop only at designated bus stops.  For example from Nadi to Suva there are 18 stops over a four and a half hour trip. Whereas the local buses stop anywhere and everywhere, constantly.

There is an express bus leaving from the domestic terminal at Nadi airport to Suva every hour, the next pick up will be at Nadi Depot. The distance from Nadi to Suva is around 190 km, and a fare will cost you about $17-25
(June 2015) 

Coral Sun Express owned by TTF has been taken over from Feb 2016.

Queens coach service – Nadi Suva Nadi was operated by TTF on behalf of Mr Richard Lal (who owned this route) is now entered into an agreement for KBL Buses to operate as of tomorrow, the 11th of February 2016. Please note that for future bookings or enquiries in regards to this services the contact details are as follows;

Queen’s Deluxe Coach (Operated by KBL Buses)
Office landline: 666 3766
Office Fax: 666 0873

TTF will no longer be taking any Express bookings. Please liaise directly with the above contact. Coral Sun Express services operating Nadi-Suva-Nadi once daily will continue to operate on the normal timetable as a result of this new operator. 

Pacific Buses also run to Suva every hour For $17.00 you can call then on Nadi +679 670 0044 or +679 999 4365   

Local buses

open bus

The first rule is not to hand over a $50 note, keep plenty of small change in your pocket. The local buses do not pick up from the Nadi Airport. Only the express bus and Taxi work the airport. THowever, there is a locas bus stop on the road opposite the main airport gate... you will need to cross the road to get to the stop for nadi. But be aware, you won't be able to take multiple suitcases on a local bus.

The best place to catch a bus is in the main bus depot just 50m from the Nadi market, there is a tiny blue office at the river end of the second platform, just ask for help and they will be only too happy to help you out.  Once you know your bus, there are plenty of bus stops in the main street of Nadi.

From Nadi, $2.40 will get you to Lautoka, $1.15 to the Airport entrance,  $0.70 to MacDonald’s for your big Mac. $0.70 will get you from one shopping centre to the next shopping centre. If in doubt ask the person standing next to you at the bus stop, the Fijian people are exceptionally friendly. Just a few months back a bus driver was sacked for double charging a tourist.

To get the full on Fiji experience take the bus with no windows, (The Open Bus) but do not sit on the driver side down by the rear axle. If you do, you just might die of diesel poisoning, you will have the pleasure of sitting above the exhaust pipe. And try and work out which side of the bus is in full sunlight as you head off, you need to be seated on the passengers side if you are going to Lautoka to get out of the sun or have 1Ltr of suntan lotion with you. If you decide to just wait for an A/C bus, pick the bus with the full length tinted windows, if the windows are open it is not A/C and will be extremely hot inside. Take the open bus.

Nadi to Port Denarau, only the smaller yellow bus (West Bus) with windows are allowed into Denarau. They run every fifteen minutes and will drop you off right in the middle of the Port Denarau shops, you pay your $1.00 to the driver as you disembark not on entry. 

Heading North or South from Nadi, you can catch the cheaper open bus. The open bus will take a lot longer because you have to connect with the next bus at the next town and so on and so on plus it will pick up and drop off fifty times between towns (you are free to eat, drink, sleep or sing in the bus).

Or take the hassle free Laid back A/C express bus for a few $$ more. (No eating or drinking in the bus) 

Mini Bus

pick up point

The next option is take a mini bus. (12 to 15 people.) Not as cheap as an open bus, but faster. The mini bus will stop to pick up every man and his dog if there is a spare seat. The mini bus will also pick up in Nadi between the shopping centers for $1.00. If you are standing at a bus stop and a van flashes it's light at you, he is not saying welcome to Fiji, he is asking you, do you want to be picked up, if so just wave out and I will stop and take your money. To disembark you can call out or tap your gold coin on the window, please do not break the window and just ask how much.    

Mini bus from Nadi to Suva, they will run when ever they are full. The cost is $17 and the trip will take around 3 hours. This is one and a half hours faster then the express bus. Do not expect to throw on a large suitcase let alone two, you will be charged for another seat. To find the mini buses walk through the Nadi down town market and right into the bus depot, keep walking through the bus depot to the park. Now, to the left of the park in the far left hand corner under two very large trees you should see half a dozen mini buses, this is the main pick up point. 

Taxis in Fiji

The yellow taxi

Flagfall is $1.50 for a local taxi and $5 for a yellow Taxi at the airport. The rate is 10c per 100 meters... that's  fj$1.00 per km, or fj$1.60 per mile.

There are three major taxi companies to look for. The first one you will come into contact with on arriving in Nadi airport will be the Yellow Airport Taxi, the next taxi to watch out for will be the Nadi Taxi and the last will be the Denarau Taxi.

Airport Yellow Taxi 
Only the yellow taxis are allowed to pick up at the airport. If you DO NOT want to get ripped off with a taxi fare DO NOT let a taxi driver grab you from inside the arrival hall. The yellow taxi drivers all wear a company uniform and are not allowed to hassle tourists inside the hall. So walk out through the main door and hail a yellow taxi. All yellow taxis have a meter that is in plain sight of the passengers. Plus the yellow taxi will be government registered and have a good public liability insurance.  

If you are in a taxi and you cannot see the meter because it is covered with a rag or a photo of the family, well, it is hidden from you for a very good reason, you are going to be RIPPED OFF within the first hour of arriving in Fiji. 

The law in Fiji is that taxi drivers must use the meter... but that is not the case, so just ask "is the meter on"?  before you close the door or haggle for a fixed price before setting off. Here are a couple of yellow taxi fares...

from Nadi Airport  to...                               

Nadi  down town: $25
Lautoka: $32 
Intercontinental Resort: $90
The Pearl Resort: $190  
Ba Town: $70  

Port Denarau: $30
Shangri La Resort: $80
Outrigger Resort:$90 
Suva: $200
Rakiraki :$160   

Denarau Taxi

If you want to book or hail a taxi at Port Denarau, then it is going to be expensive. Unfortunately the Nadi taxis are barred from pickups - they can drop off passengers but are not permitted to pick up. Of course, the resorts prefer that you use them to book the taxi, they can then add on their (very hefty!) commission. But it is possible to get around this.

If you have been dropped off at Denarau by a taxi driver you like (and he hasn't tried to overcharge you), then ask him if he will be available for future rides. He will almost certainly say yes. You can then ask for his number and give him yours, so he can ring you if he is stopped at the gate by security. Next time you need to go somewhere, give him a call (allow an hour in case he is busy). A good driver is worth gold! Alternatively, spend $1 for the local bus, which goes from Port Denarau to the Nadi central bus station. It takes a lot longer than a taxi (close to 1 hour compared to 20 min in a taxi) but it's a significant saving. 

if you require further information,  then visit our airport transfers page.

Nadi Taxi 

Nadi taxis would be the roughest of the three taxis you will find in Nadi... they come in all sizes and condition. Your best bet is to look first before you get into the taxi. If you are happy with the condition of the taxi then look for the meter or ask how much. 

But don't worry, you will find a good safe driver with a clean, tidy and safe taxi if you take the time to look around.

Private Transfers

A little more expensive than catching a taxi, but you will be greeted as you come out of customs, and get treated like a V.I.P. We know of several services that we can recommend... check them out on our transport from Nadi airport page.

A word of warning
If you have booked and paid for a transfer from the airport to your accommodation, make sure you get into the right car or van. You could get nabbed by another driver saying he is here to pick you up and take you to your accommodation. When you arrive he is going to demand payment - now the fun starts. All you have to do is tell him to wait here while you go to the resort desk so you can ring the police and ask them come down to the resort and  help you sort this matter out. DO NOT leave any luggage in the car AND DO NOT pay him half the fare just to get rid of him.
SO,  to save all the hassle, on your confirmation voucher you should be given the name of your driver and his phone number. 
When you book your transfer on line, pay in Fijian $ not AUD. I have seen Aussie companies operating out of Aussie quoting  $49 AUD  which works out to be $77 Fijian  when the true price here in Nadi is $49 Fijian. On top of that they are just middle men living outside of Fiji  and they pass the transfer  to another contractor in Nadi. These  middle men have no idea who is your driver is, and most likely have never inspected the car, how safe is that?? 
As for the "VIP meet and greet" for $25 Fijian. The lei is made in china, Taiwan, and the Philippines, they are not made in Fiji.   I can buy them today for .75 cents at the wholesalers in Nadi, all the operators  buy then because they are so so cheap and the bottle of water is just $1.20.  Not really a VIP service, in my opinion. Don't they have to be there to meet you when you arrive, money for jam. Yes it is a cut throat business here in Nadi.  

May /2016

The Nadi air port management keep changing their mind on how to control the transfers. The new idea is to make every driver apply for a $1000 per year ID card. Without this card he will not get past the security boy’s at the gate. This will help to keep out the cowboys, but sadly it will kill the genuine one man operator plus you will see an increase in transfer and taxi prices, time will tell.  

Share Transfers

June 2015
Share transfers are either 4x4 and sedans with commercial plates, they are in good condition and safe, you could call them a cheap taxi. They will take you to where-ever you would like to go, ie to Suva, the going price is $100  flat rate no + +. You could sit there 30 minutes till you can pick up three other passengers  to fill the car, so now it will only cost you $25.00. If you are in a hurry take the whole car with your six suit cases and the dog - for the $100 you will be in Suva in 3 hours, unless you stop here and there. If you buy the driver lunch he wont mind stopping along the coast for you.

To find the share transfers walk through the Nadi down town market and right into the bus depot keep walking through the bus depot to the park. Now, look to the top right corner of the park, to the T section, look across the road to the next T section, that road runs up to the Hospital. Around 0800H there would be around a dozen cars parked on that very corner and a small sign.

Rental Car

June 2015 
Out of four rental car company in Nadi I have called into, this was the average pricing all in Fiji$

Booking the car for

  • One day $130.00 +$15 for insurance +20% for Tax + Bond, the bonds range from $500 to $1500.
  • Two days $65.00 Per Day + insurance and bond
  • Seven Days $55.00 Per Day + insurance and bond

To be picked up at the Airport for a one day hire  $15.00. Two days or more no deliver charge
You will have to bring the car back with the same amount of fuel that was in the tank when you picked it up, and there is unlimited mileage...  
 June 2015 Regular Petrol is $1.93 PL.                                       July 2015     Regular Petrol is $2.21 PL.

You do not have to book ahead, but keep an eye on the rental company booths in Nadi airport and the resorts they add on $$.

The national open road speed limit is 80kph (50mph) and at times that can seem excessively high! Once you have driven from Nadi to Suva, you will see why the limit is unlikely to be raised anytime soon. The state of the roads make exceeding the limits a dangerous affair.

And do I really need to remind you not to park underneath a coconut tree in your rental car,$$$$

Local Carriers


Any self respecting travel website will advise you not to use these. They are not registered people carriers, most of their vehicles are in a poor condition, and who knows if your travel insurance would cover you travelling in one of these? But the fact is, the whole Fijian rural way of life would grind to a halt without these carriers, so the police seem to turn a blind eye to them. Almost always run by Fijian Indians, they charge the same fare as a local taxi, so it can be very cheap if you can fit in eight to ten people. 
And the local population rely on these carriers to get to work and to get the produce to the local market and get to the more remote areas where there is no bus service
You will find any number of these carriers at bus depots, markets, at intersection and at side roads heading up into the highlands. and any other places were that local gather. If you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere and need a ride just wave out he will stop because he wants your money. While out walking along the back roads they pull up behind and say you a long way from Nadi, you need a ride. when I tell them I am just out for a little walk in the bush, they think I am mad. So never fear, there is always a carrier around when you need one.

Water Transport in Fiji

If you are travelling to the Mamanuca or Yasawa islands, then you will probably use either the South Seas or Yasawa Flyer, which both depart from Denarau each morning from 8.30am. Check out our page on the Yasawa Flyer for more details. We have current price lists for both the Yasawa Flyer and Tiger IV (goes to Mamanuca islands). If you are looking for a cheaper way to get to the Mamanucas, then you can catch the Mana Flyer speedboat for only fj$80 one way.

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