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If you are looking to hire a car in Fiji, then you need to know the prices tend to be a little more expensive than you might expect. The reason for that, is the high import duty on vehicles. Prices to buy a vehicle in Fiji can be double or more than what you would pay for something similar in NZ or Australia. So hire companies naturally have to increase prices to cover the high costs of owning a fleet 
When renting a car you must make sure the car is retested with the government. This means the car must have a yellow number plate starting with the letters LR, (licence Rental) this if followed by three numbers. You will be happy to know the car you will be renting has a minimum $1,000,000 Public liability insurance and a current WOF which is far more stringent then a WOF for a private car and should not fall apart before you drive 10Km out of Nadi.
We can thank the Prime Minister of Fiji Mr Frank Bainimarama for cracking down on people renting out there extremely dangerous rust buckets private cars as rentals. I hate saying this but do not drive out of the yard with out insurance, You will under stand why very quickly. You will get a better price if you rent for two day or longer.

List of Car Rental Companies 

Budget cars

They have nine locations across Viti Levu.There is a pickup booth at both Nadi and Naurori international airports, as well as in the city centers.

  Prices start at
One day   $167.00  all Insurance and  Taxes inclusive but a $500 Bond.
Five day  $151.00  all Insurance and  Taxes inclusive but a $500 Bond.

Avis cars 
Prices start at 
One day   $190.00  all Insurance and  Taxes inclusive but a $500 Bond.
Five day  $120.00  all Insurance and  Taxes inclusive but a $500 Bond.

Locally Owned Car Rental Companies


These are the smaller, locally owned rental firms. You might find that they provide similar vehicles at lower costs than the established international car hire firms. Check them out!
 We did have several companies listed here. However, due to poor customer support, fine print and hidden charges that we didn't like, and a frustrating lack of communication when trying to book.  Thay has since been removed.   Our search will continue for any other rental companies that we feel are worth recommending. All the prices were given to me over the phone, then I called into there yard to have a look at there cars and to see how clean and tidy the yard was.  

AMIS Rent-a-car, Nadi 

I found this company very professional in every way and they made me feel like a friend not a $$$ sign.     Small four door car
One Day              $130.00 +$15.00 Inc +20% Govt Tax+Bond $50 
Seven Days         $55.00  +$15.00 Inc +20% Govt Tax+Bond $500
Aims have a large selection of Family Wagon,People Movers and 4x4 to chose fro

SATELLITE rent-a-car, Nadi 

I found this company a little inconstant in there pricing. The cars are well maintained and no quite the selection to chose form as AIMS, rent a car. there yard was the very tidy, but the boys were a little heavy handed with the car freshener. 
Small four door car 
One Day          $134.00 +$15.00 Inc +20% Govt Tax+Bond $500 
Seven Days    $55.00  +$15.00 Inc +5% Govt Tax+Bond $500

Driving in Nadi

Now the fun starts. If you are from NZ were there is a signs on every corner the size of a house, you are going to get lost in Fiji. You Aussie, will fair a lot better especially if you are from the outback where there is a side road every 5Km and thousands on Km of dirt roads.
When you hire a car, do not say a word about driving up into the highlands from Ba to Sigatoka ECT , they will refuse to rent you a 4x4 let alone a car.
The speed limit is 80 KPH in Fiji if you are lucky. The main coastal road around Fiji is sealed I think that is what they call it?  but the very second you hit the dirt road you will have to drop down to 20 to 30 Kph and start look for that pot hole that is big enough for your car to disappear into. You will have to approach every corner as if a bus or a logging truck is waiting there just to run you over, no kidding. Driving at night is extremely dangerous. The high land villagers don’t drive a car so they walk or ride a horse from the village to their farm plot early in the morning and walk back late at night right in the middle of the road, very scary. You will also have to watch out for cattle and horses, not many but they are there  hiding in the shadows just like a roo.
we took off one weekend to stay in a Resort North of Rakiraki.  Yes just drive north and you will see the sign to our resort on the left.  One hour latter we were all most in Suva, back we go. This time I rang then to get one of the boy to meet us at the turn off,  what colour will  the car be? So were was the sign,  it was lying in the long grass. 
As for a navman forget it, buy a map. It might be 20 years before you can use a navman here in Fiji.
Is there a Fijian Road code? If they do have one it must be used to light cane fires come harvest season. There is a head on crash in Fiji every week,  double white lines means,  pass now and If you can, push that car off the road if possible. At intersection and T section they will smile at you as they cut you off, so you learn very quickly, even if you have the right of way it is better to brake and let them go then waist time with the police debating who was in the wrong, Yes you have to take out compulsory third party insurance before you can register your car in Fiji, what registration, insurance will not pay out because his rust bucket was not registered, you lost again. If you are told the place you are looking for is five minutes down the road, that means one hour. Not far, is three hours, I will see you at 0900H, make that 1200H. Please,can you give me a ride to my village, you had better ask what Island was that again ? 
And  get a $5 sim card at the airport before you leave, so you can ring you accommodation when you get lost, phone coverage around the coast is excellent. Petrol station are close together,no  problem there. Sept 2015 you will pay $2.15 PL. And to finish this section off, you can drive around Fiji, Viti Levu, in 13  Hours, so a Taxi drive told me.

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