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If you are looking to hire a car in Fiji, then you need to know the prices tend to be a little more expensive than you might expect. The reason for that, is the high import duty on vehicles. Prices to buy a vehicle in Fiji can be double (or more) than what you would pay for something similar in NZ or Australia. So hire companies naturally have to increase prices to cover the high costs of owning a fleet.

However, there are some discount places that will do you a good deal...if you are prepared to hire outside of the big name rental companies such as Avis, Budget, etc. I have paid as little as fj$50 a day, compared to an average of fj$100+ a day at the big places. The car may have been a little older, and most definitely 2nd or 3rd hand. But it was cheap and reliable.

Of course, you don't have the service or safeguards that you might have with Avis or Hertz, so you need to consider that. And the quality of the car may not be as high. Still, I have never had any problems myself.

List of Car Rental Companies

car hire I generally use this website to book my car rentals. They get the best deals for you, and don't add on any extra charges (how they manage to do that, I don't know). Highly recommended if you want cheap, hassle free car hire.

They will search for the lowest prices, across a range of rental companies. I have found them to be reliable, good customer support if you have any questions, and there is no cancellation fee if you change your mind. You don't pay them when you book, you pay at the pickup point so no need to give them your credit card details. Overall, a very good experience. Expect prices to start from around fj$100 a day for a small 1.3 such as a Hyundai Accent or similar.

 budget car hire While the above site can book vehicles from Budget, you might prefer to do it directly. They have nine locations across Viti Levu. There is a pickup booth at both Nadi and Naurori international airports, as well as city centers.

Prices start at fj$94 for the cheapest vehicle. Slightly cheaper than the V.V.V site, but by the time you add on the extras that you need (like supplementary insurance) you aren't actually saving anything.

 avis car hire Quite honestly, if Avis wasn't such a respected name in world wide car hire, I would hit the back button after landing on their website. Poor design, as well as spelling mistakes and bad grammer leave you wondering just how professional they really are. Really, a good web designer would show them in a much better light! Luckily, you are not hiring their web design skills, but their cars. Which are high quality, and backed by the brand name of Avis, so always a good choice for hassle free rentals.

The prices are higher than most other companies, with specials starting at fj$106 for the cheapest vehicle.

Locally Owned Car Rental Companies

These are the smaller, locally owned rental firms. You might find that they provide similar vehicles at lower costs than the established international car hire firms. Check them out!

Note: We did have several companies listed here. However, we had narrowed this down to one, due to poor customer support, fine print and hidden charges that we didn't like, and a frustrating lack of communication when trying to book. Our search will continue for any other rental companies that we feel are worth recommending ;-)

PVV car hire PVV Rentals These guys are cheaper than the bigger companies, but still provide quality vehicles. In fact, we have booked a car with them ourselves for our next trip to Fiji. A decent price, and no hassles with communication. The rates are not on the website, but there is an email address. Or if you prefer, you can use the form here to send your enquiries directly to them.

You can hire their cheapest vehicle (small Toyota or similar) from as little as fj$70 a day, so they are considerably cheaper than the big name companies. And of course, we feel it's always good to support the smaller locally owned and operated businesses.

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