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One of the first areas in Fiji to be developed for tourism, the coast is dotted with resorts and homestays along it's entire length. Most of these are right on the water front, and the coastal lagoon offers very safe swimming and snorkeling. Some of the more well known resorts in this area are The Outrigger, Naviti, Rydges Hideaway, and Crusoes.

But there are plenty of other lesser known options. See the resorts section of this site for details on some of these.


The main center is Sigatoka. This is the gatewway to the Coral Coast... the majority of the resorts are from this point onwards (travelling east from Nadi).

The town sits on the banks of the Sigatoka river, which meanders down from the highlands. If you want to explore the river, then there is a very popular jetboat tour that wil take you up river to one of the inland villages.

Sigatoka sand dunes

The Sigatoka sand dunes are the site of Fiji's first national park, established in 1989. It's not just the natural beauty of this area that is of significance, it is also the history that is being uncovered, with an ancient burial site being excavated dating back 2,600 years.

Visit the Fiji National Trust website to get further information on the Sigatoka sand dunes national park.
Sigatoka sand dunes
Designated as Fiji's first national park, in 1989
By RodBland [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Clothes store in Sigatoka. Shirts from FJ$10
Clothes store in Sigatoka. Shirts from FJ$10
View of one of the main shopping roads in Sigatoka
View of one of the main shopping roads in Sigatoka
The footbrige that crosses the Sigatoka river
The footbridge that crosses the Sigatoka river

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