South Sea Island - worth staying a night

South Sea Island is really really small, unless you're doing a lot of snorkelling, swimming or kayaking there really isn't much else to do, mind you the snorkelling and swimming is really awesome. Only dorm accommodation. This is a private island owned by South Sea Cruises.

This is me relaxing in the stunning clear warm water at South Sea Island

Best Feature: Close proximity to Denarau at a short 30min boat trip, awesome snorkelling and swimming.

South Sea Island is a very small tropical Island, it measures 136 X 67 Meters; to walk around the whole Island is only 380 Meters.  A short distance of 11.2 Km from Denarau and 7.5 Km from the closest point on the main land, what I like about South Sea Island is the boat ride is a short 25 minutes if all goes well. You can stay on the Island in the backpacker accommodation. I stuck my head in for a look see and It was clean and tidy. 

Getting off the boat at South Sea Island

about The Island 

The beach is made up of dead coral so walking around bare footed can be a bit painful, open toe sandals work well. All the drinking water is through a desalination plant, very expensive to run and the power for your cold beer is by a generator. The toilets are septic tank.

Checking in at Denarau is at 0900H and the boat left at 0930H. You are the first stop for the day so don’t try and catch up on a few ZZZ.

South Sea Island has a good tropical feeling, the trees are large this give you great shade all day long so you don’t have to keep moving around to follow the shade and the colourful  flowers just round it off.  The beach loungers and bures are a good size to protect you from the hot sun. 

This one

The wind usually picks up in the afternoon so snorkel on the Eastern side of the Island you get the calmer water, then finish the day off with a fresh water shower before changing and enjoyed a cold beer.

Main seating area

Overnight Stays

You need to be aware that there is only dorm accommodation here... one 32 bed dorm on the 2nd floor above the restaurant. So this is not suitable for families, backpackers only. If you're staying over night you end up leaving the Island late in the afternoon the next day so you get two days for the price of one.

South Sea Island dorm accommodation is pretty good
View from the dorm

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