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Bounty Island (Kadavu Lailai)
Best Feature: Low key

This is one of the closest Mamanuca islands to the Denarau Marina, approx 30 minutes on either the Yasawa Flyer or South Sea Cruises, Tiger IV catamarans or on the Ratu Kini boat. The island offers 48 acres of untouched tropical gardens surrounded by golden sandy beaches, clear pristine waters and a marine reserve that provides spectacular snorkelling.

You have the choice of staying at the Bounty Island Resort, or go there on one of the day trip excursions.

If I could stay at one island only in the Mamanucas, this just might be it. Bigger than Beachcomber island, this is still quite small... you can walk around it in about 30 minutes. Lots of sandy beaches on one side, with more rocky exposed beaches on the other.  Plenty of room to get away and sit by yourself if you want. It has a great low key feel to it, very casual without all the big crowds.

Main beach with plenty of loungers and shade

Like many of the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands, this can suffer from seaweed that gets washed up onto the windward side beach. But that all depends on winds tides and currents. Sometimes there are piles of it, and other times almost nothing. 

Bounty Island is also ideal for conference and other group tours. The Chiefly ‘Bure Kalou’ can hold 200 guests’ theatre style. Catering is available with 6 covered, open sided bures on the beach where you can admire the views whilst being served your food.

Trampoline was popular
Beach front dining, just lovely
Sand not super soft, but still really nice

 Bounty Island - on sale

The Bounty Island Resort Accommodation

Accommodation is fairly basic, but generally clean and comfortable. The beachfront bures are great value. This took quite a hammering during Cyclone Evan (December 2012) and was closed for over 6 months.  

pros: The food is really good, and lots of it - you won't go hungry. New management (2015) has really improved the meals.  Everything we had was very well cooked.  The island is small, but still large enough to be able to find a nice quiet spot to relax in. Great snorkelling available in the lagoon area, though it's a bit dodgy at low tides. Plenty of water sport activities, sea kayaks, fishing trips etc. 

However, in line with many budget resorts, Bounty will charge you for things that are free at more expensive properties. Snorkelling equipment, sea kayaks, even towels.

This island is more relaxed and peaceful than the nearby Beachcomber, and that is part of the attraction. While it caters to most age groups, because there is no "kids club" there tend to be less families with young children. The pool is really good, but who needs a pool when you have such a lovely warm ocean!

cons: The beach is not soft white fluffy sand as it is on many of the other islands, it is a bit gritty with small bits of coral and shell fragments.  Because there is so much coral in the lagoon, you need to be careful in bare feet, there aren't too many places to stand up, even at high tide. You can see a huge variety of marine life very close to the beach, however the coral is not so good. 

Nice clean pool with plenty of room. Directly in front of the bar area.

Most Suitable For...

People that want beautiful surroundings, good snorkelling, and are looking to chill in a laid back atmosphere. If the slightly less than perfect beach conditions don't worry you, then think about a trip to Bounty Island. This resort is probably most suitable for couples that are on a tight budget, and yet still want the genuine Fijian island experience.  The beach front bures are good value.  Good for backpackers as well.

What's the food like?

Lunch buffet, doesn't look much, but really tasty. Fresh bread made daily
For dinner we chose the Beef, melted in the mouth
Breakfast was delicious again with fresh bread

We were really surprised by how good the food was.  New management has really improved this (2015). Even though its a compulsory meal plan they've done a great job.  They cater to vegetarians well too.  For breakfast you just take your pick from the menu of fried eggs, bacon, baked beans, wedges and toast. It's not buffet, it's cooked to order, so they never run out and it's never cold or old.  Lunch is buffet with a good variety. Fresh baked buns were delicious.  For dinner there was a soup as a starter, then 2 choices for mains, fish or beef stew, but obviously this changes everyday.  Orders were taken and brought to you when ready, no buffet which we really liked. Fresh fruit for dessert.

Meal plan is compulsory at $85 FJD per person adult and $65 per person child.  Child under 3 years old FOC. Payable directly to the Resort only.

Drinks - pretty good value, beers $7 for a stubbie but you could get draught on tap in happy hour for just $3.50 FJD. Happy hour cocktails were $10 FJD, not the greatest to be honest.

Lunch with a great view.

Accommodation at Bounty Island

It's not a big resort and nothing fancy.  A choice of dorm or bure.  No good for a big family as the bures are all one size with double bed plus a single, there are 16 of these with some new ones on the way. The dorms and bures are air-conditioned, which is a major bonus!  The 6 garden view bures are fan cooled.

All prices valid to 31 March 2017

The Dorm

Pretty typical of a dorm on any island, with the exception these are air-conditioned - nice!  They have a couple of different dorm rooms which look similar.

The Meke Dorm houses 20 guests with the Bici Dorm housing 14.  Oversized bunk beds in each dorm are nice.  Even though year round temperatures range from 28 to 32°C during the day and 18 to 24°C overnight, in the months of June, July, August and September it can get colder, down to 18°C so if you're staying during this time you might want to bring a sleeping bag or ask for extra bedding. Dormitory accommodation includes sheets and pillow.  Towels are available from Reception to rent or buy. Price per night including all taxes.  

● $47 FJD pp
● Meal plan is compulsory at $85 FJD per adult and $65 per child, payable directly at the resort.

Island Bures and Beachfront Bures

Not sure why they call them "Island" bures, I would call them Garden Bures.  Set back from the beach with a bit of a view between the trees, they are ok, but I'd pay the extra and get beachfront.  They don't have any deck and not a lot of privacy in front, people can walk right by.  Both the Island and Beachfront bures are built exactly the same with 1 double bed and 1 single.  All air conditioned which is good.   Ensuite bathroom, shower only, hot and cold water, toiletries, mini fridge with tea and coffee making facilities. Each beachfront bure has a deck with a couple of chairs and a hammock looking out to the sea.  These bures have a lot of room. The chairs on the deck are not so great, but the ones inside are excellent, we just pulled them out to the front instead!

View from our deck, the hammock is in between the trees
Bedroom with loads of room
Nice hot shower, plenty of room
Walk straight onto the beach
Nicely spaced apart

Bed configuration: 1 double bed and 1 double bunk or 1 double and 1 single
Occupancy: Up to 2 adults and 2 children under 12 years of age.
Price per night including all taxes. 

● Island Bure - $172 FJD 
● Beachfront Bure - $208 FJD 
● Meal plan is compulsory at $85 FJD per adult and $65 per child, payable directly at the resort.

We've found the cheapest price for a beachfront bure...

If you book through you'll get the Beachfront Bure for the same price as the Island Bure at only $172 FJD a night instead of $208 JFD - great bargain!

The beach, snorkelling & cute turtles

As mentioned the sand is not perfect fluffy stuff but still not as bad as South Sea Island. Plenty of lounges to sun bathe on and plenty of room.  I like how you can go around the back of the island and sit on the beach all by yourself. The snorkelling is ok, there are a ton of pretty coloured fish, but just not a lot of really nice coral. Probably because of the last big storm that came through. Snorkelling at low tide can get a bit tricky too. No snorkelling tours. You need to hire the gear at $10 FJD for mask and fins or $5 FJD for just fins. At the time we were there they had about 70 baby turtles - really cute, started with around 90, but gave some away to Beachcomber Resort.

Main beach, great spot for relaxing
Beach on the opposite side to the main beach, nice and quiet round here
Loads of colourful fish to see
That's me snorkelling, the water was so clear, just beautiful

Things to do

Not a lot in a way of activities available, but that's why it's nice and low key. The massage room is nice and new. Banana boat rides $25 each. Tropical Water Sports also operate a PADI certified Dive Shop and as well as Scuba diving Fishing, Kayaking, SUPing (stand up paddleboards).

Transport and how to get to Bounty Island

Location: 30 minutes by boat from Denarau Marina
Transfer costs by boat: 
Ratu Kini:  One way - Adult $75 FJD. Departs 10am daily & includes free Nadi hotel pick up/drop off. Boat departs Wailoaloa (Fantasy Island).  Leaves Bounty Island around 1pm. You can book this at

South Sea Cruises: One way (includes free Nadi hotel pick up/drop off) Adult $105 FJD Child $45.50 FJD. Departs daily 3 times at 9am, 12pm & 3pm from Port Denarau. 30mins.

Bountys own boat: The price is too stupid to put in here its so high. 

Quick Fact List

Fijian name: Kadavulailai 
Location: 30 minutes by catamaran from Denarau Marina
Transfers: Ratu Kini and South Sea Cruises
Resort/s: One resort on the island 
Price Range: Budget... from fj$47 cheapest dorm, to fj$208 beachfront bure
Meal Plan: Yes, compulsory for guests, fj$85 a day
Snorkelling: Lots of fish, not a lot of pretty coral, marine sanctuary at the island 
Beaches: Good, perhaps a little gritty compared to some islands
Swimming Pool, Bar: Yes
Internet: There is wifi available (fees apply). You can also use the 3G network for mobile broadband on your phone
Power:  Generator 24/7
Water:  Declination Plant. Hot Water showers

Really nice bush walking track
Restaurant and reception area

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