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Nacula Island Homestays, a Fiji vacation with a difference
March 05, 2015
Bula from Fiji!

Not everyone wants a resort vacation. Some of us are more adventurous, and want to experience the lifestyle and culture of a new country. And what better way to do that, than by staying with the locals.

We have an arrangement with several villages to host visitors. The latest is the village of Naisisili on Nacula island, Yasawas.

For only a fraction of the price you pay at a resort, you can stay in a village with a family, and experience the lifestyle of the locals.

fj$50 pp a day, and that includes meals. Considering that most of the Yasawa resorts and backpackers have meal plans that cost nearly double that, this is fantastic value.

So why not consider a homestay when you next come to Fiji? Not only is it a lot cheaper than staying at a resort, you get a totally different perspective on island life.

Sure, you will miss out on fancy meals, spa treatments and cocktails. And the facilities are very basic too. But you will come away with a real appreciation of how Fijians actually live... not to mention making a bunch of new friends!

We have a new page online, which gives some basic details. It costs nothing to inquire, and remember - we don't charge any fees or commissions. All proceeds go to the people that need it the most. The local people.

Until next time. Regards, AJ Allen, from

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