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Premium Kadavu Fijian Kava

Ask someone that knows... "what area of Fiji produces the best Kava?" The answer is almost certainly going to be, "Kadavu". All provinces take pride in their own Kava, but there is something special about what comes out of Kadavu.

Maybe it is the isolation from pesticides and sprays. Perhaps it is a different strain, or perhaps it is something to do with the perfect growing climate. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that Kadavu Kava (known as waka) is as strong and smooth as any, and better than most.

Kava plants, both young and mature.

We Have Sourced the Best of the Best: at the Right Price

Other online Kava sellers say their kava is premium. By that, they mean no stalks stems or leaves. That goes without saying, but where does it come from?

We are lucky enough to be in contact with some of the growers in Kadavu,1 and have acquired a regular supply from them. What this means is that we can now offer the best kava available anywhere, at a very competitive price.

We have two very simple goals with offering this unique strain of Kava...
  1. Introduce people to a quality Kava that they would not otherwise be able to obtain
  2. Help our Fijian friends find buyers for their produce, outside of their own local markets

Premium Kadavu Kava, available in 1kg bgs(2.2lb).

Pricing, and Where We Ship To

  • 1kg (2.2lb) bag of premium Kadavu Kava powder: US$75 shipping and handling inclusive.
  • Shipping To: New Zealand, USA, Canada

Shipping Time: Please allow 7-10 days for your Kava to arrive. Your order is dispatched the day we receive it (or next day, if you order outside of business hours).

While we would love to introduce Kava to our Australian friends, unfortunately we can't send you any. Your government bans the import of Kava. Why that is, we don't know, as you can in fact bring some back with you when you return from a Fijian vacation. You would think there would be some consistency with the rules :-( Sorry!

Larger Quantities

We currently supply 1kg bags only. However, inquiries are most welcome for larger amounts. If you live outside NZ, USA or Canada, we can check if Kava imports are permitted to your country. If so, we can arrange to send you some. Just use the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with us...we will get back to you as soon as we can.


What do you mean by "premium"? Isn't all Kava the same? Absolutely not! The best part of the Kava plant is the roots. This contains the highest concentrations of kavalactones which is what gives Kava it's "kick". There are far lesser amounts in the stem and leaves. However, some sellers will pad out their kava with that, to get more bulk. Not only is this unethical, stems and leaves contain toxins. So all our Kava is root only. We guarantee it.

What makes Kadavu Kava special? Kavalactones are the active ingredient in Kava. The higher the concentration, the less you need. Some areas seem to grow stronger Kava than others. Kadavu is one of those areas that has always grown high strength Kava.

Is Kava harmful? We believe it is quite the opposite. While some studies done years ago showed a risk of liver damage from drinking too much, subsequent studies found no evidence to support this. Harmful side effects could occur by using poor grade Kava (stems and leaves mixed into the brew).

What effect will I get from Kava? That depends on how strong you mix it, and how much you drink. Several bowls will relax you, there will be a slight tingling sensation in the mouth and lips, and you will find you sleep better that night. It's likely that you will also find more clarity of thought. What Kava will not do, is put you into a drugged stupor. With alcohol, you start to lose control if you drink too much. Kava (in moderation) can have the opposite effect...helping with clear though, while also relaxing inhibitions.

Purchase 1kg of Premium Kadavu Kava Powder

Payment can be made using Paypal or major credit cards. Your order is processed on Paypal's secure server. Same day dispatch, with delivery taking 7-10 days. We also include a mixing cloth, and some simple instructions on how to get the best from your Kava.

Ask About Our Premium Kadavu Kava

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us, and we will respond as soon as we can.

Contact us to inquire about purchasing fresh Fijian Kava, Taro, or Cassava


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1 Kadavu (pronounced as Kandavu) is an island 80km (50 miles) to the south of Viti Levu. Best known by tourists for it's world famous "astrolabe" reef, it is a reasonably isolated and unspoiled piece of tropical paradise. Access to Kadavu is usually by boat from either Navua or Suva. There is a small airfield which has regular flights from the mainland.

Much of the farming on Kadavu is still done the traditional way...plots of ground hewn from the jungle, cutivation with oxen and digging stick, and produce is grown organically.

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