Four Easy Steps to Getting Connected With 3G in Fiji

Not so long ago, your internet options in Fiji were limited to using an old slow computer in the resort lobby, or finding an internet cafe in one of the main centers. But things have changed in Fiji over the past few years, and 3G has become more widely available.

vodafone 3g flashnet A Vodafone 3G Flash stick

No longer do you have to pay ridiculous prices, or wait in line for a free computer. You can browse the 'net, check emails, send files, all from the comfort and privacy of your bure or hotel room, using your own laptop or other 3G device. It's easy to get connected, and surprisingly cheap.

  1. bring a device with you that has a USB port (laptop, ipad, etc)
  2. Either bring your Vodafone Flashnet device with you, or purchase one on arrival
  3. Buy some data, 2gb for fj$25 should be more than enough to last for your vacation
  4. Plug the Flashnet into your USB, and follow the instructions. That's it!

The Vodafone shop in the arrivals area of Nadi airport sells Vodafone 3G dongles for fj$39, this comes with 1GB of free data. It is actually easier to buy this than to put credit onto your NZ or Australian dongle. Just uninstall youu current dongle if you have one, then run the setup for your new Fijian one... it saves computer conflicts if you uninstall first before you plug in the new one.

Tip! If you don't think that 1GB will be enough for you, then buy extra data when you get the new dongle. Don't wait until you are running out to try and find a Vodafone shop and go through the hassle of trying to get topped up (speaking from experience).

While coverage can be a bit patchy in some of the remote places, it makes sense to use this in preference to purchasing a wifi card at your resort. Many places sell a connect scratch card for wifi, which can cost up to fj$30 for 24hrs. Of course, if the resort offers free wifi, that's great, but most of the budget places will charge you.

3G Top Up Prices

Prices start at fj$6 for 400mb. If you want a reasonable amount of data, then 2gb will cost fj$25 (this is about 1/3 the price you pay for the same thing in NZ!). You can either purchase a USB Flashnet device (known as a "dongle" in Australia, and a "Mobile Broadband USB Stick" in NZ) at any of the Vodafone shops in Fiji, or bring your own and get it recharged in Fiji. There is a Vodafone shop in Nadi airport, so you could get yourself set up almost as soon as you arrive in the country.

3G Coverage in Fiji

This stretches from Nadi, along the Coral Coast to Suva and surrounds. Also the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands, as well as most of the main offshore islands such as Ovalau and Kadavu. For areas that don't pick up 3G, then there is the slower 2G. Vodafone has 320 3G base stations, and cover the majority of the "tourist belt" so chances are, you will be in an area that has good service.

Using cellphones in Fiji

It's quick and simple to convert your mobile for use in Fiji. A new sim card will cost you $25 at the airport, which comes with 1hr local calls and 1hr international... very cheap compared to NZ mobile prices.

If you don't have a cellphone, then you can buy a cheap throwaway Nokia at the Vodafone shop for fj$59. Nothing fancy, but it works well, and it's at the right price.

Top up phone cards are available at almost any supermarket, service station or general store in Fiji. We chose to use Vodafone, although there are other companies such as Digicel. Top up cards come in only two denominations, fj$6 and fj$11. All the mobile companies offer regular specials too, such as a "double up Friday" where you get your minutes doubled.

Getting connected in Fiji really is easy these days!

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